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Unlike large on-line job banks, SciDocs is specialized in scientific placements in the area of life sciences. SciDocs wants to offer you, the candidate, with a wide variety of job opportunities:

  • You can definitely find job opportunities in research, both in academia and biopharmaceutical companies, at a variety of position levels.
  • Feel like it is time to move away from the bench? What about being a scientific editor or writer, a translator, a teacher, a sales representative, a consultant...Does this appeal to you? Well, SciDocs intends to provide you with as many diverse positions as possible...

Sound good so far? Well, at SciDocs, we really want you to succeed in your career. If you just graduated and are looking for an entry-level job position, or if you have many years of experience but feel like it is time for a career change, just remember that we are here for you. We are dedicated to helping you succeed and we want this web site to be your web site. We want to provide you with as much support as needed during this important step in your life...

In addition to our job and resume databases, check out our Resources section, which will hopefully grow with you to provide the assistance that you need during your job hunt.

Because your success is our success...

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Please feel free to do so as your personal information will never be posted in our resume database. The contact information you provided will be forwarded to the registered employer when they specifically request your resume, and you will be notified everytime we send your contact information.
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